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Mambo Cool (DVD) A dispossessed drug dealer and his derelict companions are part of a cool generation that confronts displacement, sickness, and cultural decay in the back alleys of a city in Colombia. They are acquainted with many people on the streets, but are selective with their friendships. On the unforgiving streets of a Colombian town, a group of friends make their own rules while they deal drugs and get into trouble. Mambo Cool Salsa by Various Artists on Spotify.

Solo para los amantes de la buena musica ! puro voltaje salsero, bailalo. Cine colombiano: MAMBO COOL, Proimágenes Colombia. We love our customers, so feel free to visit during normal business hours. We will be back open ASAP as our renovations should take approximately 4 to 6 weeks. Mambo cool es una película que es como un delirio. Pero un delirio lleno de poesía aun en medio de la decadencia inherente al bajo mundo de la marihuana, la cocaína, el bazuco y los ambientes cerrados y asfixiantes. Las conversaciones que se mezclan, que van y vienen repitiéndose, atravesadas de "incoherencias coherentes" y personajes cargados de humanidad que aparecen y desaparecen.

Submit a Quote from 'Mambo Cool' A quote can be a single line from one character or a memorable dialog between several characters. Please make your quotes accurate. Quotes will be submitted for. Mambo cool by Markeeno on Amazon Music. Mambo Cool, Vol. 1 by Various Artists on Spotify. Directed by Chris Gude. With Jorge Gaviria. A dispossessed drug dealer and hisderelictcompanions are part of acoolgeneration that confronts displacement, sickness, and cultural decay in the back alleys of a city in Colombia. They are acquainted with many people on the streets, but are selective with their friendships.



Mambo Cool (2013. Rotten Tomatoes.





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Mambo cooler master. Mambo cologne. Listener comments! ♥ 10:01pm Little Danny: My friends! coelacanth∅: hello again! chresti: Stream-0-go Round! Hi again! 10:02pm uh oh not hearing fire island melinda: Now we move to the room next door... 10:03pm Flash Strap: Hiya Danny and all! yeah not hearing Fire Island yet 10:04pm ah yes yes YES this sounds like afro-mambo! 10:05pm Thanks all. Raising my tumbler to a gremlin-free show 10:06pm cheers! (pineapple juice... i'm abstaining from alcohol for a while) 10:07pm doctorjazz: Made it home! Sounding good, Danny! This Roberto/Latin Aces gets real interesting in a sec 10:08pm salude! I raise my cuppa tea! I am a bit woozy from kombucha, though god this is amazing man 10:09pm Kris Holmes: Gnarly guitar sounds Good vibes all around! yeah those gits! 10:11pm Thanks all! Gonna be scrambling around with the 45s for a bit until I get my bearings, so excuse my scarceness for a coupla minutes. I don't know how Kris Holmes does it... I’ve been on a Palmieri kick lately 10:13pm Don’t know how people do LPs to be honest, inners, outer, jackets everywhere, so bulky 10:14pm a spindle? is that what's on a a record changer? 10:17pm I think so chresti. Or the little pole that sticks up outta the turntable platter 10:18pm there you have it! 10:19pm hahaha! the little pole is a spindle, so what's a 7" (big hole) adapter for the turntable called? 10:20pm (besides an 's boring) 10:22pm that's something franco might know- 10:23pm anyway i remember when i was little the only adapters available were metal and it took some finesse to lock them into the 45s. i broke at least one 45 in half and i know my siblings broke some too. 10:24pm he told me once, and I laughed and laughed-can't remember what it was 10:25pm then the yellow plastic ones came along but they fell out a lot. i had to splurge with lawn-raking money to get the one that goes on the turntable. 10:26pm chresti if he makes up a new name for it i'm fine with that! I had the little yellow plastic ones with the curved arms, still have plastic domed ones. Never heard them called anything but 45 4pm adaptors the hifi had a large metal column attachment for 45s 10:27pm Dean: I have a plastic domed Todd Rundgren & Utopia 45 adapter, Think I grabbed it at Tower Records ages ago. 10:29pm Donut holes My parents Home Entertainment Unit had a rectangular attachment you put on the spindle and it let you put on many 45's to play one after another. That's it! HAHAHA! 10:30pm Donut holes! These are the best comments. Seriously. SPINDLE TALK 10:31pm chresti i remember seeing those but my father never had one - which is crazy because my parents went on a 45 kick and had at least 75-150 little records with big holes. when i got a new stereo at age 12? (total shit. i wish i'd kept my c. 1960? rca portable stereo but i gave it to a friend) it came with a plastic record changer adapter for 45s but it never worked right. 10:32pm obviously Kris knew! 10:34pm My parents didn't play 45s, our babysitter did, then my brother, when he started getting records 10:35pm thanks Kris! 10:37pm child me just didn't get those metal adapters. the way i saw it they were permanent. too much effort and risk to be switching from record to record. but buying one for every 45? crazy talk! i have maybe 500 45s i can't imagine Kris you must have 15000. I had a 70s console hi fi with a record stacker as my main bedroom turntable from the time I was 10 through until I left home to go to college. It actually had a changeable spindle where you could fit the changer spindle or the regular spindle. In NZ everything was small hole! 10:40pm Only 7500 10:42pm right when i bought my first turntable it came with a spindle + a record changer. by then i knew that stacking my records would ruin them. the turntable/amp that i got for xmas when i was 12 had an unremovable changer and i hated it to the point that i ripped the changing devise out of the spindle with a plyer! 7500 is a lot but still i'm surprised! 10:43pm northguineahills: arrived in a biomere self-contained cocoon! My first personal record player was a little plastic one- I think I was 11 We got a portable stereo after we moved to California 10:48pm When I was four, a great uncle gave me a mickey mouse 45 player, and a bunch of early 60s 45s. I loved it, but it would be another 12 years before I got the music bug. I have measured out my life with stereo gear. -- J. Alfred Audiophile 10:49pm Love this Cha Cha Baby, baby! 10:51pm Of course you do, doc! Lotsa vibes ahead 10:55pm Hot stuff! 10:56pm Scraps: A yellow (typically) 45 adapter is a spider. 10:57pm mauri: takes me away to a warm dream island. hey danny and everyone. 10:58pm signed, Copy Editor 10:59pm Hey mauri! I'm glad! this looks kind of like "the kids' record player" which became mine gradually because i was the only one who used it. i. - except it was *supposed* to be stereo and had a speaker fold out from each side. Hi scraps! @doc: y'know this Dizzy? It's a deepie 11:00pm pretty sure it had tubes. i remember glowing orangeness through the vent grate. Young Hank Mobley on saxamaphone here 11:01pm I wasn't looking at the playlist, but it had that Diz tone, really like this one (and hadn't heard it. Cool! 11:02pm Dig those Dizzisms! 11:06pm Wikipedia on the spider (with picture, a yellow spider: The former RCA Corporation introduced a snap-in plastic insert known as a spider [1] to make 45 rpm records compatible with the smaller spindle size of a 33⅓ rpm LP record player. Commissioned by RCA president David Sarnoff and invented by Thomas Hutchison, spiders were prevalent in the 1960s and sold tens of millions per year. The Hutchison adapter included small bumps called "drive pins, " which locked the adapters together while revolving, thus preventing the stacked records from slipping against each other. Several manufacturers made "spider" adapters in slightly varying shapes and many different colors, though yellow and red were most frequently used. 11:08pm (red? ) @Scraps, I used to have quite a few, but the last one broke last winter. I actually have more Latin 78s then 45s (I got lucky at some old antique stores in Mexico). 11:09pm JtotheK: hi! 11:11pm Jason! Hello! Scraps i do fuzzily recall them being called that 11:12pm @northguineahills: I envy your take, but I wonder: Are there new antique stores in Mexico? 11:14pm I only buy new antiques! I only ran into the Spider name when I was a 45 buyer for the record store I worked at, and I also bought accessories 11:15pm there were all these variations (like that triangle topleft that obviously will fail) but i only ever saw the row 2, 3rd from left -which i could see calling a spider; though really 3/8 of a spider! 11:16pm (the far right, 2nd from bottom were the ones we had when i was little) That's like a Califone-or a classroom record player-great spider donut! 11:18pm Found one! but it's NYC, as the missus has a 45 player. Back to the interwebs! I saw row 1 4th from left (black), but otherwise I only saw row 2 3rd from left too 11:19pm great link coel! 11:20pm made it without a glitch in the stream! @Dean: Have you've seen "New" antique stores on this side of the border, and 'reality' shows that put a spotlight on said industry? Yes, they do exist in Mx. (sorry, I became a hoser realizing I have not spider 45 nuggets). 11:21pm I no longer have spider 45 nuggets.... 11:22pm thrift store is where my parents got their record players and tvs @ngh: I *think* I know what you're talking about -- the "roadshow" shows? Or maybe the auctions of warehoused stuff? I don't watch TV, but I see it when I visit my mom. I was only joking, anyway. The notion of "old antique" versus "new antique" kinda tickled me! 11:23pm there's a big return 11:30pm i wish i could find a picture of the player we had. it did have that burgundy covering and the turntable parts looked like that but it might have folded down once the speakers were something. it had 4 speeds & sounded great but years later i was to figure out that one channel was coming through both speakers - whicvh probably was a simle loose wire in the cartridge or something. - i never knew 2000 light years from home and she's a rainbow had lead vocals for years! 11:33pm OMG I turn my back for a coupla minutes and I have no idea what y'all are talmbout. Now furiously reading backwards 11:34pm Yes! Our turntable had 4 speeds too: 16 (I think) was the slooooooooowest speed. 11:35pm 16RPM can be a lotta fun 11:36pm @Dean: Many antique boutiques, in Brooklyn (and even here) are recent development. I chortled at your original message. The ones in Mexico were run by lonely septuagenarians, and the spaces, that old. Also scored some really old instruments (which I have somehow destroyed live, in the last few years, [not on purpose]) I never found out what things that was meant to be played at 16 — but I had fun playing 45 & 78s at 16 Danny you can skip my posts -just so much babble about my first record player 11:37pm As Danny said. Fun. I have turntables w/ 4 speeds, 8% and 50% speed range, and play backwards (they're not technics 1200) 11:38pm I can't believe that was Yusef Lateef! Ah, me. What now qualifies as antique are objects I handled in my youth. I suppose we will always have antiques with us. Don't believe anything was meant to be played at 16 RPM. It does help aspiring musicians pick out fast musical lines. Scraps i have read that some spoken word records were 16 rpm; but i really think i remember some old classical records of my parents' being 16. 11:39pm 11:40pm 78s played at 16rpm can get very trippy. Especially Hawaiian records and bluegrass breakdowns That's the line of "Bebop", no? 11:41pm yeah, someone said spoken word for 16, but I never ran into any. I looked, too. But way before the internet, ebay, etc! I have some 16. 5 rpm recs (well 4). Dean: True, Even stuff from the mid 90s would be considered antiques by some. 11:42pm and yes Fun! i loved "meet the beatles" at age 4 (? ) and the first 45 i ever bought was "yesterday" b/w "act naturally" for 10¢ at a yard sale. i hated it of course but yesterday @78rpm was pretty funny, as was act naturally @ 16! JJ Johnson: 11:44pm According to Discogs that^ record's cover is by Warhol! Playing Loveless at 16. 5 rpm sounds like the darkest black drone metal sound you've ever heard. It's like La Monte Young, took some barbiturates, and decided to try his hand at drone metal w/ Marian Zazeela doing vocals (I do that on the turntables a lot. ). 11:46pm Thanks Dean 11:47pm awesome, ngh hearing something at a different speed is always funny! Like making fart sounds when someone's speaking at a podium 11:48pm what coel said.... Warhol did a lot of album covers: I'll have to listen again doc, for some reason I was thinking "Manteca" 11:49pm That's amazing, never saw a 16 RPM record assumed it was for slowing down the music (did you see the price of the JJ Johnson 18 RPM disc? ) thanks Danny and everybody! That is eye-opening, Scraps! Thank you. Horowitz, Rossini, Prokofiev, lord. Some of those Warhol covers are worth big $$$, too! 11:50pm haha 're so immature! worth should be in quotes, of course A piddling $2300! (kidding! ) 11:51pm wow! He had a good gig! in the 40s! thanks scraps! 11:52pm Almost midnight, went really fast, thanks, Danny Man, why'd he sell out to Campbell's? first time i met a girlfriend's parents first i got a huge yellowjacket stuck under my foot in a sandle while walking to the house; then we're sitting at the table with her parents and she starts making fart noises! i lost it and couldn't regain composure. 11:53pm Farts and Yellowjackets, the great yet unreleased Joni Mitchell album. Scraps:! 11:54pm Haha coel! The best I was thinking Manteca as well.... ha ha coel! the buzzing and unidentified farting sounds of summer lawns 11:55pm Paul Anka 'The Painter'... hmmm, I could pick that up and brag about my 'Warhol collection'. If I don't get back, thanks LD! b/w plus I like spinning Paul Anka northern soul 45s, so... 11:56pm Gonna be sorry in the morning... 11:57pm And I think those Kenny Burrell lp's with Warhol art were reissued by Blue are less than 2K. thanks Danny! cheers everyone. 12:00am Thanks Danny - no hitches no glitches! 'night everyone 12:02am chresti:! night! 12:04am Thank you thank you thank you errbody! Much love, and see y'all around!

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