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Inside Mecca



"Inside Mecca" is a National Geographic documentary movie directed by Anisa Mehdi that describes the set of mandatory for Muslim community rituals that usually done during the annual Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca - Hajj. National Geographic documentary directed by Anisa Mehdi in 2003 shows the inside view on the Hajj, an annual Islamic pray ritual. Since the journey to Mecca is not affordable by all Muslims and restricted for participation by non-muslims, the movie has a great value for a wide audience. Over two million people come to see the Kaaba and have a chance to pray in the holy places, reaching the spiritual relief as well as a sense of accomplishment obligated by religion. Noteworthy to mention that a film was shooted from a view of three pilgrims Ismail Mahbob, Khalil Mandhlazi, and Fidelma O'Leary who lives in different parts of the world. This enables us to understand the challenges of the Hajj and eventually the meaning of the ritual better. Taking into consideration that even hurdles of three persons look difficult, the various issues of the two million brings an idea of the scale and importance of the event to the local Muslim society. Nevertheless, all pilgrims regardless of the struggles aim to finish seven circumambulations of the Kaaba for the conscious perception of the true brotherhood, equality of the people, and the reorganization of thoughts about life purpose according to the Islamic teachings. In the following review analysis of Ismail, Khalil, and Fidelma comments are going to be made. In addition, interpretations of some rituals based on the personal understanding of the material will be mentioned.
The unique experience of the Hajj is told by Fidelma or Dr. O'Leary, a professor at the university and the US citizen of European ethnic group. Grown by the Catholic family and living in a society with a majority being Christians leads to numerous difficulties for the new Muslim, including psychological pressure from the relatives. Starting from long away preparations of learning the right instructions of the Hajj in regular weekly meetings and ending with buying special clothes to fulfill the pilgrim requirements at the place. Interestingly, being a women traveling alone Fidelma needs a formal agreement from son. After arrival to Mecca, the optimistic mood and passion for spiritual satisfaction motivate her to use the advantages of the pray in a holy place. Eventually, regardless of the alienation feeling, she finds that other Muslims treat her respectfully not less than others and even be glad to know her by giving suggestions to continue the path. This helps Fidelma to finish the Hajj and safely return home.
The second story is about Khalil Mandhlazi, a preacher who explains the Islam during weekly
radio broadcasts in a rural area of South Africa. Khalil being a religious person aims to visit Kaaba for the first time and this makes him nervous. This gives him an opportunity to attain spiritual needs and complete the fifth Islamic obligation. However, during traveling, he finds out that not all Muslims follow the sense of brotherhood regardless of origin, one of the main teachings of the religion. Moreover, Khalil tries to do more goods at the place by making donations for poor families at the mountains and for his surprise sees that nobody did the same before. Nevertheless, finally, Khalil finishes all rituals, refreshes" the understanding of the true meanings of Islam in a sense (the main goal of Hajj) and leaves the Al-Haram mosque.
The last pilgrim, Mr. Ismail Mahbob, a Malaysian entrepreneur who travels with his wife. The financial success in the business, broker company environment, social circle, and certain habits makes the Hajj a challenging trip as the conditions of walk in a crowd differs from the ordinary life in Malaysia. However, being a Muslim Ismail with no doubts prepares for a long trip. One of the first requirements that he meets is the wearing simple two cloth to close the body parts. This unifies pilgrims by giving them a feeling of equality in front of Allah. In addition, it challenges the inside ego and the arrogance, the quality of special usefulness to wealthy people as Ismail. At the end of the Hajj, Ismail looks to attain the meaning of Islam as a religion of equality and understand the weakness of human being.
To conclude, the followers of the Islam annually performs the Hajj, a direction of daily prays, with common initial reason and leaves the Mecca being "a different" person after a giving thorough thoughts at the place to the certain personal problems/wishes. Probably the whole atmosphere in the Kaaba, a center of the universe, provides the opportunity for the pilgrims to gather "fresh" religious spirit according to the Muslims' believes. The movie demonstrated the values interpreted by Islam in terms of individual needs and shows that annual Hajj that is obligated to do once in a life (if affordable) is important and a central point of spiritual power for religious Muslims. We see that finally all characters fulfill the goals and return with a satisfaction regardless of long daily walks in a crowd under hot weather and other numerous physically uncomfortable conditions. The director, Anisa Mehdi, creatively shows the true meaning of individual rituals which I believe is of essential value to understand the Hajj for the common audience.

Salam, Alhamdulilah, Im very happy as Allah swt turned my dream in to reality, He accept our prayers,My parents came back from hajj on 27/11/2010. Thank you all brother and sisters for making.


The Kaaba is the epicenter of Mecca. The inside contains plaques commemorating the rulers who renovated it. For years many have wondered what it looks like inside the Kaaba. Relying on second or third hand accounts from those who were lucky enough to enter just wasn't satisfying enough.


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